A Community Coming Together During COVID-19

May 07, 2020

Communities around the world have been grappling with how to move forward amid the pandemic, and while the COVID-19 health crisis has presented many challenges, it has also highlighted how people find creative ways to help those in need. Every community has a story, including the International Falls, MN, community that is home to one of our PCA paper mills.

PCA employee Bob French is one such helper. He created 7,000 comfort bands and 200 face shields using his 3-D printer. The unique comfort bands act as a mask extender to relieve elastic pressure on the ears. PCA donated to the effort and Bob made 500 bands for PCA employees. Bob also sent bands to local health care providers and nursing homes in central and western Minnesota. 

Other International Falls employees are making a difference as well, including Meg Thomas and Carrie Coffield, along with a local quilt group, the Quilting Diva Den, sewing more than 2,600 homemade masks in just five short weeks. The masks have been donated to schools and health care facilities across northern Minnesota, with over 2,000 additional masks specifically made for our PCA paper mill. To assist with this amazing community project, PCA and other community organizations donated funds for fabric and elastic supplies.

Seeing communities come together during this difficult time has been a silver lining to this pandemic and we thank everyone involved for their efforts!

Donations are still being accepted for facemask supplies through the Quilting Diva Den Fundraiser Facebook page.

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