Community Spotlight

Here’s how we’re building our community. Let’s grow together.

More than 100 Years of Boise Paper

Community SpotlightMore than 100 Years of Boise PaperDecember 17, 2019As we get ready to turn the calendar on another year, we’re reminded about the rich history of Boise Paper and our continued dedication to creating products with Quality You Can Trust®....

Four Ways to Give Back to Your Child’s School

Community SpotlightFour Ways to Give Back to Your Child’s SchoolSeptember 20, 2019With school back in session, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make a difference for your child’s school. From clipping and turning in Box Tops to organizing a...

Fulfilling Our Paper with Purpose® Promise

Community SpotlightFulfilling Our Paper with Purpose® PromiseSeptember 04, 2019At Boise Paper, we are committed to our Paper with Purpose® promise, which is why partnerships with organizations who give back to the community are so important to us. Since 2011, we’ve...

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