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Five Key Benefits of a Multi-Location Supply Chain

ProcurementFive Key Benefits of a Multi-Location Supply ChainJanuary 09, 2020Finding a manufacturer with a vast regional footprint can positively affect your business’ sustainability, profitability and reputation. From faster delivery to lower transit costs, there are...

Alternative Fibers – “Tree-Free” | A Green Choice?

ProcurementAlternative Fibers – “Tree-Free” | A Green Choice?December 19, 2019“Tree-free” and “alternative fiber” mean exactly what they say: no fresh or recycled wood fibers are present in the product. These new kinds of products are generally made...

How Quality Paper Impacts the Bottom Line

ProcurementHow Quality Paper Impacts the Bottom LineAugust 26, 2019A high-level review of key aspects to consider when sourcing paper and how to get the most value for your organization. With a dozen major office paper brands and countless private labels making...

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