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Sustainability Certifications to Measure

ProcurementSustainability Certifications to MeasureAugust 05, 2020A demonstrated commitment to environmentally friendly materials and business practices is a core component of sustainability. Every industry has certification boards that add third party credibility to...

Five Key Benefits of a Multi-Location Supply Chain

ProcurementFive Key Benefits of a Multi-Location Supply ChainJanuary 09, 2020Finding a manufacturer with a vast regional footprint can positively affect your business’ sustainability, profitability and reputation. From faster delivery to lower transit costs, there are...

Alternative Fibers – “Tree-Free” | A Green Choice?

ProcurementAlternative Fibers – “Tree-Free” | A Green Choice?December 19, 2019“Tree-free” and “alternative fiber” mean exactly what they say: no fresh or recycled wood fibers are present in the product. These new kinds of products are generally made...

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