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Sales Terms, Billing and Certifications

Below you will find links to sales term documents, billing contact information and downloadable certification documents. If there is anything else you need to make our transactions easier, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Terms & Conditions

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Billing & Accounts Payable

Jackson, AL
(251) 246-8320
fax: (251) 246-8307

International Falls, MN
(218) 285-5135
fax: (218) 385-5213

All Other AP Requests
(847) 482-8760
fax: (847) 482-3030

Certifications & Policy

Please click on each check mark to view certificates.

  FSC® Chain of Custody PEFC Chain of Custody SFI® Chain of Custody SFI® Certified Sourcing
I.Falls, MN dot  dot  dot  dot
Jackson, AL  dot  dot  dot  dot


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