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This page was created to help you sell Boise Paper. Here you’ll find a library of tools that you can use to inform your customers on all Boise Paper has to offer.

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Office Papers
Printing & Converting
  • Sustaining Our Forests Video –  Forester Katie Fernholz of DoveTail Partners, Inc., an environmental non-profit that focuses on U.S. forestry practices, explains how using wood-based products like office paper helps keep American forests healthy and thriving.
  • Arbor Day – Project UP™ Brochure –  view the brochure explaining Project UP™ and the communities that have been impacted.
  • Arbor Day – Project UP™ Video –  parks are at the heart of every vibrant community. That’s why Boise Paper partnered with the Alliance for Community Tree and transforms abandoned areas into a neighborhood park and green space.

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