How to Support the American Red Cross and Those in Need during COVID-19

September 28, 2020

It’s only natural to feel helpless during difficult times. However, even during a global pandemic, there are safe and easy ways to help those in need. Supporting the American Red Cross by donating blood is one of them.

The American Red Cross has an urgent need for blood and platelet donations to prevent another blood shortage as hospitals resume surgical procedures and patient treatments that were temporarily paused in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs lifesaving blood. When an individual rolls up a sleeve to give blood, more than one life is saved with each donation. The vital care the Red Cross provides starts with one person choosing to donate blood for those in need.

Is donating blood during COVID-19 safe?
Yes, says the U.S. Surgeon General, who is urging healthy Americans to donate blood. The Red Cross is following increased safety protocols including enhanced disinfecting of surfaces and equipment, temperature checks, social distancing, and face mask requirements.

Make a blood donation appointment.
Make an appointment to give by using the Red Cross Blood Donor App (search “Red Cross Blood” in your app store) or by visiting

Host a blood drive.
If you have a big, open space and are able to publicize a blood drive to a large group of people, we encourage you to sign up to host a blood drive!

Boise Paper has been a sponsor of the American Red Cross since 2015. As part of our Paper With Purpose® promise, we donate a majority of the office paper used by the Red Cross Biomedical Services division to help offset administrative costs, ensuring more funds to go directly to critical blood collection and distribution efforts.

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