Ways to Engage the Community

June 10, 2020

With so much going on in our world today, it’s more important than ever that companies focus on how to contribute to their communities to advance company culture and provide a charitable outlet for employees. Below are three ways you can build connections outside of company walls.

  • Volunteer for the Vulnerable – It’s always fulfilling to participate in community events to support vulnerable neighbors in your community. Foodbanks greatly benefit from the help of volunteers. And with the current pandemic, elderly and the immunocompromised can use assistance to complete tasks such as grocery shopping and small errands. Allow and encourage employees to take some time to help those in their community.
  • Invest in the Community – In addition to volunteering, companies can also invest in their community monetarily through local sponsorships or donations. Opportunities such as donating to a local hospital, supplying meals to those on the COVID-19 front lines or donating supplies can help sustain the local community. Consider the social causes your company champions and look for opportunities that relate back to your business.
  • Build Partnerships – Go beyond charitable donations by partnering with reputable, non-profit or charity organizations for longer term initiatives. By forming an ongoing collaboration with a charity, your contribution will go farther, and your team will get more invested.

Offering time, energy, and resources to those in need will help your company stay engaged with your community and see firsthand the positive impacts of these contributions. 

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