Boise Paper and Box Tops for Education™ Impact Communities and Students across the Country

September 02, 2019
Who would have guessed that those little Box Tops clips found on reams of Boise Paper could add up to more than $11 million for schools across the country? For Boise Paper, community is at the heart of every endeavor, and our commitment to providing Paper with Purpose® has led to long-standing partnerships, like the one with Box Tops for Education™. With the new school year underway, what better time to celebrate the partnership between Boise Paper and Box Tops – going strong since 2011!

About Box Tops for Education™

Box Tops for Education started in 1996, as a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools. Initially, Box Tops were found only on select General Mills cereals. Schools could use these Box Tops to purchase things they needed like books, computers and playground equipment. The Box Tops program quickly gained momentum and in only two years, more than 30,000 schools across the nation were collecting Box Tops. As the program continued to grow and expand to new products, schools started earning more money.

Why Box Tops Matter

Schools across the country continue to struggle to find necessary funding for materials students need, like books and computers. At a time when school funding is more critical than ever before, Box Tops for Education provides needed resources to our communities. Since the program started, America’s schools have earned more than $882 million. Each eligible school can earn up to $20,000 cash per year from the clip program, with checks issued twice a year. Box Tops are available on hundreds of popular grocery products, household items and office supplies – including reams of Boise POLARIS® Premium paper and Boise FIREWORX® Premium Multi-Use Colored papers. From purchasing new art supplies for kids at Cardinal Elementary School in Brownsburg, Ind., to giving kids at the Bright School in Chattanooga, Tenn., healthier snack options, Box Tops for Education is strengthening our kids and communities.

How to Contribute

When you see Box Tops on specially marked packaging, clip them and turn them in to your child’s school. Each Box Tops clip is worth 10 cents and can be used by schools to purchase sports equipment, art supplies and more! Beyond purchasing products, there are several ways you can accumulate Box Tops:

  • By using the Box Tops Bonus App, shoppers can turn their everyday receipts into cash for their school and watch the earnings pile up.
  • Box Tops for Education offers sweepstakes throughout the year where participants have the opportunity to earn Bonus Box Tops for their school.
  • Businesses can help local schools by placing a Box Tops collection bin in a prominent spot, so both employees and patrons will identify your business as a Box Tops drop-off location and supporter of local schools.
  • Until the end of August, buyers can earn one Bonus Box Top through the Box Tops app when purchasing specially marked reams of Boise POLARIS Premium Multipurpose paper.

Boise Paper is proud to be the exclusive office paper partner of the Box Tops program. Our commitment to making Paper with Purpose® goes hand in hand with the Box Tops mission to support education and benefit local schools.

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