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Business Procurement ROI

One of the most essential factors to consider for achieving the best business results lies in a cost-effective procurement department. Explore creative ways to achieve cost reduction while maintaining quality products.

How Quality Paper Impacts the Bottom Line

By Boise Paper
A high-level review of key aspects to consider when sourcing paper and how to get the most value for your organization.

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Beyond Supply Chains: Empowering Responsible Value Chains

By: World Economic Forum prepared in collaboration with Accenture
This report examines how leading companies strive for “the triple supply chain advantage” – profitability, local economy and environmental impact – and looks at how they intend to achieve it.

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Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Survey 2019

By: Deloitte
Faced with economic and trade threats, CPOs are pressured to cut costs, according to this 2019 survey which provides a global benchmark of the sentiment of procurement leaders and an insight into the key themes and challenges facing procurement.

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Procurement Value Creation Beyond Cost Savings

By: Inside Supply Management
This research is based off conversations at a CAPS Research Critical Issues Exchange (CIE) event, where supply management professionals discussed areas where value is measured.

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Supply Chain Cost Saving Strategies, CAPS Research

Source: CAPS Research
In this video, researcher Lisa M. Ellram, Ph.D., a distinguished professor in the Supply Chain Management program at Miami University, walks viewers through a CAPS Research study on Supply Chain Cost Saving Strategies. Watch to learn more about cutting-edge approaches that are being used to set and achieve cost saving goals.

Don’t Play it Safe When it Comes to Supply Chain Risk Management: Accenture Global Operations Megatrends Study

By: Accenture
This study sheds light on how companies earning the most ROI made risk management a priority, centralized responsibility for it and invested aggressively in risk management with a specific focus on end-to-end supply chain visibility and analytics.

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Supply Chain Optimization: Levers for Rapid EBITDA

By: Oliver Wyman
Supply Chain Optimization is a standard element of Oliver Wyman’s Rapid EBITDA approach, which produces reliably high impact results. In this article, learn more about eight key levers that should be addressed during a supply-chain diagnostic.

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Sustainable Sourcing is More Cost-Effective Than You Think

By: Supply Chain Dive
This article breaks down socially responsible procurement, how sustainability can improve cost reduction and looks at looks how understanding big picture goals fuels sustainability plans for business leaders.

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Marketing Procurement: How to Validate Cost Savings

By: Medium
Procurement savings can be far broader in their overall benefit than just making savings in purchasing marketing goods and services. This article focuses on tips Marketing Procurement teams should follow to improve their level of reporting and how savings can be measured and reported against.

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Spend Matters SolutionMap

By: Spend Matters (parent company Azul Partners)
SolutionMap ranks solution providers across a range of procurement technologies. Use SolutionMap on an ongoing basis to keep up with today’s procurement and supply chain technology buying climate..

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