Five Key Benefits of a Multi-Location Supply Chain

January 09, 2020

Finding a manufacturer with a vast regional footprint can positively affect your business’ sustainability, profitability and reputation. From faster delivery to lower transit costs, there are many advantages of looking for a partner with a multi-location supply chain.

  • Faster Delivery – With multiple distribution centers strategically based across the country, manufacturers can move product at a faster pace and cut down delivery times. Instead of having one centralized location, you can localize operations closer to customers and suppliers and eliminate long distances.
  • Lower Transportation Costs – With shorter distances, the cost of delivering products can significantly decrease. Transit times are cut down when you ship from a location closer to your buyer. Less time on the road for your shipping partners means more money in your pocket.
  • Reduced Transport Emissions – Less time in transit also translates to less fuel use and lower carbon emissions. Reducing the number of miles traveled and unnecessary routes improves fuel efficiency and creates a more sustainable transportation system.
  • Multiple Inventories – Having a network of distribution centers allows you to spread out your inventory across the country. This gives you a back-up system for when one location runs out of product, ships the wrong product or loses stock.
  • Minimal Risk – Spreading stock also mitigates risk. This is particularly crucial when circumstances such as inclement weather or the need for a rush delivery come into play. By having multiple inventory across different warehouses, you can prevent delayed deliveries due to distance, weather or the number of additional stops a product must travel through.

Finding a partner with a multi-location supply chain will not only save you time and money, but it can help your business function more efficiently with smoother, more predictable deliveries.

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