Simple Tips for Building a Personal Brand

September 04, 2019

Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur or job candidate, we all have a personal brand. From your resume to social media channels, your personal brand is the way in which you present yourself to the world. How you control the narrative will set you apart in your career and personal life. Below are some tips to help you on your path toward a personal brand that will make you shine!

  1. Establish your expertise

Find your voice by determining a niche industry that complements your career and distinguishes yourself. Once you determine your expertise, you will have a better idea as to who your target audience will be. Make sure you know the industry well and become an expert in your field by following trends, influencers and competitors.

  1. Create a branded resume

For job candidates, having an up-to-date resume will show the unique value you bring to the table. Add a strong branding statement to call out your skills, personality and experiences. This will give employers a real, insightful look at who you are and what you can do. You only get one chance at a first impression, so make it count by printing your resume on Boise POLARIS® Premium Laser paper.

  1. Grow your online presence

How you present yourself online is just as important as how you conduct yourself offline. Your social media profiles are like online business cards. Choose your images and profile pictures accordingly, and make sure the content you create, share or react to feeds into your public narrative. It’s okay to set yourself apart with personal interests or hobbies, but make sure to look at things from the eyes of a potential supervisor or client in your field.

  1. Keep your message consistent

Across all channels, maintain a certain consistency with your brand. This will help you control the narrative and people’s perception of your brand. Make sure you post regularly on social media, and choose topics that reflect your personal brand’s values. For instance, share your perspective on trending topics by highlighting interesting facts or industry news.

  1. Build your network

Find groups that line up with your area of expertise and engage in conversations – both online and in person. Taking an active role on social media or at networking events is a great way to gain influence, build connections and open the door to new opportunities. Stay up-to-date on upcoming industry events on sites like Eventbrite, and utilize networks, such as LinkedIn, for building professional relationships and job hunting.

  1. Weave your brand into everything you do

Personal branding goes beyond just your resume and social media profiles. Make sure everything you do – from your business cards to your email signature – is a direct representation of you and your work. Create a visual continuity, such as a color theme, and use it throughout each network. These visual cues will cause people to make a stronger recognition of you and your brand.

Building a personal brand does not happen overnight, so keep these tips in mind as your golden ticket to driving personal direction and professional success!

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