Supply Chain Value

Benefits of Supply Chain Collaboration

Examine how companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain see improvements in providing quality products, pricing transparency and excellent customer service.

Five Key Supply Chain and Transportation Considerations for Paper Selection

By: Boise Paper
A guide to the five key factors you should consider when evaluating the supply chain and customer service capabilities of your paper supplier.

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Boise Paper

By: Supply Chain Best Practices
This article written by Tim O’Conner examines Boise Paper’s distribution strategy and the benefits Boise Paper offers customers.

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Six steps to successful supply chain collaboration

By: Supple Chain Quarterly
Tips for taking a more thoughtful approach to supply chain collaboration for CPG manufacturers.

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Building Deep Supplier Relationships

By: Harvard Business Review
This hierarchical model is a six-step instruction to reach the maximum potential in a buyer supplier relationship.

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2019 CPO Agenda: Building Next-Generation Capabilities

By: The Hackett Group
As part of this annual Key Issues Study from the Hackett Group, executive management and leaders of finance, HR, IT and procurement organizations at a global set of midsized and large enterprises were asked in late 2018 about their strategic priorities and initiatives for the coming year.

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A Smarter Approach to Procurement

By: Industry Week
This article breaks down how successful companies achieve greater savings by creating a collaborative partnership between procurement and the business.

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Strategic Collaboration in Procurement: Moving from a Transactional Relationship Towards a Business Partner Relationship

By: Oliver Wyman
Procurement has come a long way over time and continues to grow increasingly sophisticated. In order to stay ahead of the game today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, organizations must engage in strategic collaboration around procurement. Read this report to learn more.

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Supply Chain: Collaboration is the Name of the Game

By: Brian Nolf, Wipro Consulting Services
Brian Nolf of Wipro Consulting Services talks about the key steps required for building an Integrated Supply Chain.

HOW TO… Create Powerful Collaboration

By: Procurement and Supply
Collaboration is essential so that buyers and suppliers work together rather than in a ‘them’ and ‘us’ situation. This article gives tips on how to create a beneficial buyer/supplier relationship.

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