Sustainability in Procurement

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance to meet sustainability goals.

Explore articles and webinars about sustainability best practices that create business value and positive social, economic, and environmental impacts. Learn more about sustainability requirements and how they can benefit your bottom line.

How to Evaluate a Paper Manufacturer's Sustainability Practices

By: Boise Paper
What should you consider when evaluating your paper supplier’s efforts against the three key pillars of sustainability?

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A Supply Management View of Sustainability: Broadening the Lens Can Make an Impact on the Environment, Community — and the Bottom Line

By: Institute for Supply Management
In this 2019 white paper, learn how supply chain managers are setting and measuring sustainability goals.

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Sustainable Procurement Barometer 2019: From Compliance to Performance

By: EcoVadis, conducted with NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business
This 2019 study analyses data from 210 buying organizations across all industries globally about how sustainability is evolving as a procurement priority for them and the tools and processes they are using to drive tangible improvements.

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Value of Sustainable Procurement Practices

By: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and EcoVadis in collaboration with the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre
This white paper examines the quantitative business case for investing in a sustainable procurement initiative.

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Beyond Supply Chains: Empowering Responsible Value Chains

By: World Economic Forum, prepared in collaboration with Accenture
This report examines how leading companies strive for “the triple supply chain advantage” – profitability, local economy and environmental impact – and how they intend to achieve it.

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Is Your Sustainable Procurement Program Oriented Toward Outcomes and Impact?

By: EcoVadis
Tune into this webinar to learn how embracing sustainable procurement practices can help companies manage business risks, achieve costs savings, enhance their brand reputation and manage suppliers more effectively.

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5 steps to build the business case for sustainable procurement

By: GreenBiz
Author David McClintock, Marketing Director of EcoVadis, offers a 5-step guide so you can make the most convincing case possible for your boss, your team and your company to launch on the sustainable procurement journey.

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Why Sustainability Matters to Supply Chain Sourcing

By: Gartner
This article looks at the importance of responsible sourcing, specifically how the adoption of responsible sourcing will require supply chain leaders to make sustainability a non-negotiable element that is as important as quality.

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Missing link: Harnessing the power of purchasing for a sustainable future

By: Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), written by Carbon Trust and BSR™ (Business for Social Responsibility™)
This study explores how purchasers and suppliers are working together to improve sustainability across global supply chains and taking advantage of low-carbon opportunities.

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CASCADING COMMITMENTS: Driving ambitious action through supply chain engagement

By: Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), written by Carbon Trust
This 2019 report has been written by CDP in conjunction with Carbon Trust, using CDP’s Supply Chain program data submissions to evaluate the activities of reporting organizations as a group, and to identify meaningful insights about the supply chain impacts on climate change, deforestation and water security.

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